Do You Believe A Lie?

Imagine, a compelling tale of an older, powerful man, involved in a sex scandal that changes history. Only then to discover that the story is false...  

We propose that TJHS produce this story. We’ll exposes the weakness of the Hemings myth to counter the sensational fiction that detracts from Jefferson's life work, while we further the mission of TJHS, increase donations, and attract new members.

"Jefferson-Hemings Truth?” intents to disrupt the fantasy of a genetic connection between Jefferson and his slave by discrediting the validity of the 1998 DNA study. Additionally, we’ll re-examine the results of its false conclusions. 

Our experts will explore: 

  • The design of the 1998 study
  • Peer reviews (if any of the study)
  • Possible motivations behind the 1998 study 
  • Sources of the DNA material
  • DNA handling and chain of custody
  • Questionable results and faulty conclusions. 

The title "Jefferson-Hemings Truth?” plays on the phrase Jefferson-Hemings Controversy to question fact from fiction.

The TJHS scholars report will guide the direction of the film as we investigate the 1998 study, present new DNA science, and conclude by asking for a new scientific inquiry.